Finding Your Perfectly Fitting Swimsuit – Guest Post

Note: This is a guest post, and looking for images to use I realized that I do have some in bathing suits for pinup poses, but not one on the actual beach. Available for hire to go somewhere warm- wink wink.

Finding Your Perfectly Fitting Swimsuit

Dreaming of warmer days, sandy beaches, and tropical getaways? You aren’t the only one. The best part about escaping to warmer weather is shopping for new clothes. However, most women don’t exactly get excited over the idea of swimsuit shopping. No matter what size, shape or age you are, it can be a little defeating trying to find a swimsuit you feel comfortable. Which is exactly why this little guide was created. Now you can find that perfectly fitting swimsuit that gives you the confidence you deserve. It really is possible to do so without having to try on 20 others before you finally just end up settling on the one you feel the least uncomfortable in.

1.    Figuring it Out 

You’re probably familiar with the body type guide: apple, pear, hourglass, and straight. Of course, it’s very unlikely you are one specific shape to a T. However, narrowing down your body type will help you figure out which swimsuit is going to be right for you. Women with smaller busts should look for ruffles, stripes, or padded style tops. If you’re a bit on the bustier side, look for supportive styles like halter tops or a top with a built-in underwire. You can even find d-cup swimsuits from designers and brands who create swimwear for women with larger busts. If you’re a little bottom heavy, go for a lower-rise cut. Don’t be afraid of revealing some skin. A lower-rise cut or rings on the side can give the illusion of smaller hips. Darker colored bottoms can also help to minimize your lower torso, too.

2.    Show off your Assets 

The best bikini body is your bikini body. So, don’t be afraid to show off and show out a little. Patterns, colors, and embellishments can make your best features shine. Things like jewels, tassels, fringe, and any other eye-catching addition can help draw the eyes away from any place you feel self-conscious about. Look for interchangeable pieces like a fun, embellished top and a darker bottom. Or a supportive top or  women’s tankini swimwear, and fun, flirty bottoms.

3.    Get Outside your Comfort Zone 

Swimsuits are like shoes; you can never have too many. Unlike shoes, you can mix and match the suits for endless options. Experimenting with new styles, colors, prints, and patterns can be fun. So don’t be afraid to get a little outside your comfort zone. Why not trade that tankini for a supportive halter style? Or switch up the two-piece for a fun and flirty one piece.

4.    Create an illusion 

Did you know that detailing like ruching or shirring can create a slimming effect? Shirring refers to the tightly woven gathers in the fabric. This tight weaving not only holds you in but it’s basically magic for all figures and body types. It can hide any bulging and is very forgiving on your waist and curves. Ruching can be characterized by draped and gathered fabric. Ruching along the midsection can hide your tummy and keep you looking cute. Surprisingly, all over prints can actually hide a full bust or conceal a bulging tummy. So, seriously, don’t be afraid to try a swimsuit in a color other than navy or black.

Finding Your Perfect Fit 

Whatever you’re looking for, finding the perfect swimsuit is all about highlighting your best assets, and identifying an effortless fit and cut. Be mindful and honest with yourself about which cuts and silhouettes work, colors that highlight the best of your summer complexion, and fabrics that work no matter where you are. No matter what, be true to yourself and be 100% confident!

Author Bio: Andrew Hoffman is a freelance writer and journalist from Los Angeles, CA, who has written on behalf of wide range of clients including the Demand Media and Livestrong Network. In addition to writing about a range of topics, he loves to travel and is a pet lover. He enjoys working out at gym in his spare time.