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Boudoir, Portraits and Website support

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Virtual Shoots

HI, so this pandemic, huh. There is still a way to enjoy a boudoir session in the comfort of you own home. 

How does it work?

There is 3 ways for us to do a shoot:

Virtual Shoot

I shoot my screen with my camera and direct you while you don’t see much.
I provide you with ” digital polaroids” of the shoot

Directed Self Shoot

Two devices needed, your phone and another laptop or tablet I can talk to you. The device with the best camera shoots in timelapse or video. You can send me photos to edit after.


I help you set up, give you tips and ideas for your space and you do the rest. You have the option to send me files to edit.


Tips for the shoot:


Set up your space, clear anything from your surfaces, leave only lights. No need to bring extra lights, only if you want to.

Choose outfit

A great idea is to start fully dressed and slowly take everything off for boudoir.


Window light is best for smooth skin. For more of a sultry evening shoot, we sill need at least one source of light

Virtual Shoot

  • 45-minute shoot
  • 10 edited digital polaroids

Directed Self Shoot

  • 45-minute shoot
  • 10 edited files you send me


  • 30-minute Call
  • 10 edited files you send me