Marlen James

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Tips on what to wear

1. Wear solid colours, avoid patterns and specially thin stripes. White, gray, black, blue and red are very flattering.

2. Bring a couple of tops or jackets you can easily change, example a black camisole with a white blouse and jacket - you can mix around.

3. For women, natural makeup but highlight eyes with mascara and eyeliner, keep shades neutral. Do wear blush and lipstick for definition. For men, chapstick if you have dry lips and a tissue if you have oily skin.

4. Hair, natural, nothing too elaborate.

5. We will take headshots and full body as well. We want people to see you and that you have nothing to hide 🙂 

* 45 minute session *3 top changes * 7 retouched high resolution files via ftp link * choose from 30


  • Add makeup $50
  • Add travel to location within TTC $50

Some samples

*These ladies and gentlemen not really looking 😛 Just using fun headshots as samples 

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