Couples boudoir… a recent one

This shoot was so sexy that it deserves it’s on post. I love to hear when clients tell me: we bookmarked your site a while ago and we were excited to do this.  me: yay! They liked the photo I have somewhere around here of the couple I shot through the blinds. So I went to ikea to get me some for my place. Hadn’t thought of that one! It works great- now I can do my “perv looking through the blinds” shot anytime.

 so yay! couples! people should do this as an anniversary present. Or “I really like you and I want you to stick around” present.

And I like to thing that a couples boudoir shoot is the gift that keeps on giving. First is the day of the shoot – you leave and do your thing whatever it is. Then the anticipation of seeing your pictures and choosing together. And then when you get the final prints – or book, so you can look at these pictures anytime you want.

blurred on purpose to hide him. kinda lazily but you get the idea. 

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    That is such an awesome idea!

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