Cookies and Lace

So- it looks like I am on a networking roll. Thanks to twitter. Yep, I am a convert, I embraced the religion.

I got invited to The Sweet Sensations Social hosted by the Sweet Flour bakery and Sensational Wedding Vendors. Or how I ended up calling it; The cookie overdose.

I got to meet Jen and Eve, talked to wedding planners Jennifer from Sparkle and shine, Kadeshia from Essence Occasions another Jennifer from Diva Weddings and Events and Robin from Weddings in the Tropics. And of course overdose on cookies. A handmade ice cream sandwich. Dude. And freshly made muffin tops. Yeah, the good kind of muffin tops. You choose your ingredients and they BAKE IT RIGHT THERE, for a fresh muffin top in 2 minutes. I like saying muffing top.

On the image on the right, of course I was going to cover my boobs with the pumpkin cookies but the photographer handy was my eight year old.
So I do not wanted to scar him for life.  Or his teacher knowing a cookie story.
And those cookies- I won the gift basket! I never win anything. Had cookies for dinner, breakfast and lunch.

And the lace part!

 Here we used my technique of chopping off pantyhose to create stockings! and less “sausagey” than the normal ones, and a hell a lot easier to pin with the corset thingies.

 And yes I love garters. And slutty shoes.

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