Content Shoot

BOUDOIR, Glam or website content Shoot

This is a shoot to maximize your content or outfits. There is no limit on changes and props you can use.

Great for couples too!



2-hour shoot

Use it for Boudoir, Glamour or digital content.

unlimited outfit changes

Sexy outfits plus under the sheets or several top changes for content

70 retouched images

Online Proof Gallery
High-Resolution files
Additional files available

YOU BOOK the hotel

I will be staying at a downtown hotel and would love to host you like old times.


All files from shoot processed, removing blinkers and weird faces. Use this option to get more content with pretty images. Pay the day of the shoot.


FAQ’s for the shoot:


Choose your favourite location or the hotel I am staying

Choose outfits

A great idea is to start fully dressed and slowly take everything off for boudoir. Get some PG shots and strip down for a great flow.  More tips on the blog 


At this time I am not offering makeup application like I used to, but try do do as much at home and bring the lashes if you need help putting them on. Red lipstick makes boudoir pop. 
For Hair – next day hair is great, not too stiff.

My fancy privacy policy:

Why, oh why would anybody want their picture in their bra posted all over the internet? Unless you are a model and get paid to do it… internet lives forever. I will not post any faces in their underwear (period).
I have also a real privacy agreement that I can sign for you. In case you need that extra peace of mind.
“You can’t take something off the Internet – it’s like taking pee out of a pool.” Author Unknown, 1995  🙂 lol