Celebrating boudoir in all shapes and sizes – with testimonials

Hi! I have seen this image floating around the Internet (pinterest really- good thing I don’t watch that much TV, it balances out) and I realized that I need to do a couple of things. One update my gallery with all my new work, and two start telling people ” What the hell are you waiting for?” to do your boudoir shoot that is.
I’ve met amazing women in my line of work and what struck out about a recent appointment was: “I don’t look like the models in the magazines and finally I have come to terms with it- and here I am!” 
I drank to that. 
Comes a time where you accept what you look like and you become comfortable in your own skin. Whenever it hits you – come get your photos done! 
Ange, posted some of her shots in her tumblr- loved it! Of course the skimpy ones where for her hubby. http://angespange.tumblr.com/tagged/boudoir I love her sense of humour, I’ve been following her antics since. 
and I am happy that the boudoir is spreading!
Here is what a client said:

Thank you for Saturday – it was a lot of fun.  I left the shoot feeling very good about myself and very sexy.  Looking very forward to seeing the results.

and when she got them

Holy crap!!! You are a miracle worker!  These are awesome.

For those of you who might think- it’s all photoshop! No it’s not. It’s lighting (bright in photography does not equal as harsh), poses and the secret x factor where you are actually comfortable rolling around in you underwear. I think is my super power.

And this image- I stole from The Lingerie Addict – she encourages everybody to feel beautiful in lingerie- even has great tips in her blog. I specially enjoyed her rant about “when people complain about the images she post” http://thelingerieaddict.com/2012/08/real-talk-and-a-rant.html

Like me! I am skinny and small boned but have my flabby areas that some days make me look pregnant. suuuuucks. If I gain weight it goes directly to my lack of waist – wish I could direct it to the boobs, or some down the skinny legs but nooooo, it get’s stuck with the rest of the tacos. 
Anyway- all this was to let you know that – no matter your size, boudoir is a great experience to have.