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Boudoir with flare- boudoir lighting tip

I have the attention span of a gnat- damn you pinterest and tumblr and facebook and twitter. I get distracted and forget to post. This one has kept me entertained whatshouldwecallweddingphoto. … oh wedding photography… This site is what your wedding photographer is really thinking. So hey, it’s been a while! See? […]

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Glamour Photography

Or Glamour Shots v2.0 So! I blab about my glamour shot days- I found some images. Keep in mind these are from 2002. Which are not that horrible really. I love the lady on the left. I just loathe the backdrop we had. Poo brown and icky sea foam. And […]

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Sexy- it ain’t that easy

This comic reminded me of a client today… that trying to be sexy resulted in giggles most of the time. And she is not alone… I know like 5 people that can pull it off, well maybe now like 20 because they do burlesque but otherwise this happens. … I’m […]

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Pin Up photography @ The Cream Lounge

So! you have been thinking about a boudoir shoot a lot lately? I even found out it’s on the to-do list for a bride to be on all those magazines and books to keep you organized. Oh the pressure. Well fret no more, this package is for the women that want […]

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Valentine’s Boudoir Roundup

I am not sure but this post get’s a lot of hits, so I am updating it. Valentine’s is a funny holiday to me, it’s cold here in Canada, we are poor after the holidays and if you want to go out on that day there is a lineup and […]

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FAQ : Why is Boudoir Photography expensive?

Or why are you cheap? Or what it’s the difference between boudoir photographers packages?  Or why should I pay a regular price when I can get a groupon? So hey! I know people look around- google Boudoir Photography Toronto and get a ton of pages- some you have to email […]

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Things Boudoir Photographers Say

I am jumping on the bandwagon. Who am I kidding with the * – shit there I wrote it. shit you will most likely hear me say: * stand straight * suck it in * err, turn slightly right, no the other right * turn to the light * relax […]

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Holiday Boudoir Round up

Apparently there is such thing as too busy to blog! Other times it has been out of sheer lazyness or, lack of something snazzy to say but this month… holly busiest month ever batman! Between the holiday orders, shoots, and day job I need better time management. Or multiple assistants. […]

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Me and non naked pictures

Well hello there. Like the tittle? It just came to me. Not really, it’s just that lately I have been doing more “non-naked” shots than before, and they deserved a post. I have tried to focus my efforts in Boudoir photography and it has been great. That is still my […]

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