Here is a nifty easy to read pdf, for those that rather not go through my sometimes entertaining, but sometimes annoying (I know myself) blog. Tada! easy to use checklist here. It is a handy pdf that you can print or just click as you on your screen. So simple… Or the image you can […]

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So! I don’t know why I didn’t write a blog post before about this, since I practically have written novels on how to choose your images on clients’ emails. I usually have 4 types of clients: A – the one who loves photos of herself  – knows angles and how to pose – I hardly

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SO! I got my first-time-ever actual question! and all the way from California, it made my day! nerd that I am, I went and did a Sally Field thing winning an Oscar; “You really read me, you actually really read me!” GIFSoup Anyhoo, not to drag my over-excitement, maybe it’s hormones, here it is: We really

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Here is my updated, fancy schmancy little checklist. I get asked this one a lot, so I am breaking it down people. I know I say two outfits as a description of my session. I have yet to see the person who shows up with just two outfits*. I had one that brought a whole

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