ARTICLE originally published in 2010- updated 2017 and then clean up 2020, video coming soon! Inspired by my popular post “how to shoot your own boudoir photos” and this picture which title is: “NUMBER ONE USE OF CAMERA PHONES THESE DAYS” (Get naked and take pictures) Yes, we have all done it. Good thing we […]

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I might have a small shoe fetish. I can’t wear them, but if no one is looking, I will caress them. I have like 6 pairs that I just like saying hi every now and then. I am an awkward high heel walker too. Like my grandma used to say: You walk like a chicken

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It takes a really committed and confident couple to go for this type of photography.  You have to trust the other half that these images are not going to end up on Tumblr. A great source for ideas and inspiration, I save some stuff there that I see around Tumblr. It’s fun. Check So! where was

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Besides the benefit of your partner getting sexy images that you get to enjoy after, I think it sends a message of: And this is good for our self-steem, bonus points if you can make that Ryan Gosling smouldering look. So not only you get sexy art, she gets: The surprise: “oh my lordy, what the

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So you see this all over Pinterest. More when the teams are actually winning. The man in your life loves the darn game. So take a photo with the shirt. Even better the scarf. I am digging the scarf more as you can be pretty much naked under it. Why are these so popular? I

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Yes, the ladies have to sneak around and keep it on the down-low from their hubbies, or hubbies to be, or even their “too curious” friends. The Excuse: Here are some good excuses for the day off. Spa day “I bought a Groupon for a spa day with makeup application so I will be gone

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Where the magic happens… yes photographic magic. Anywho I needed to post an updated picture of my place and I took this picture before clients came in on the weekend and preserve the pristine appearance that usually lasts 5.2 minutes. 🙂 SO! I moved it to another apartment I share with a neighbour. It’s like

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Did you know that there are differences in boudoir photography? This is my simplified version of what you can get when you show your boobs. I kid. Pinup This one it is a bit more costume-y, for the fans of retro and really dig it. Anyone can pull it off with the right makeup, hair, outfit, and

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I just got this question on an email and remembered that I have been meaning to write a post about this. And doing it before anything else distracts me. VIDEO HERE or just keep reading 🙂 The question was: have you done Boudoir Photography in a Hotel? Why yes I have. And let me impart

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I can’t believe I never wrote this blog post, in my ten years of blogging and boudoiring. (yes I am inventing that word) What goes on a Boudoir Shoot? Lot’s of giggles that’s for sure. And depends on the photographer but pretty much this is the drill: Outfit selection Most people come with more than it

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