How to book your appointment:

1. You are already curious! Go ahead... for the bucket list.

2. Choose the package and photographer that fits your needs,  usually 3 weeks in advance so you have time to do all the little extras (shopping, grooming, all that jazz), but I may be able to do some appointments on the same week. Check the up to date calendar.

3. After we confirm that the date is available, a retainer of $100 will be required to book your appointment.
I accept your payment through paypal here, or an interact email transfer.

4. Now fret! 😉 Really just practice your posing, but most important your face expression. A bunch of tips are in my blog tips

You are in good hands 🙂 we promise to watch out for the good angles and no double chins.

Privacy Policy

Why, oh why would anybody want their picture in their bra posted all over the internet? Unless you are a model and get paid to do it... internet lives forever. I will not post any faces in their underwear (period).

We have also a real privacy agreement that we can sign for you. In case you need that extra peace of mind.

 "You can't take something off the Internet - it's like taking pee out of a pool."
Author Unknown, 1995  🙂

{ My Frequently Asked Questions }

Also here is the breakdown on why I charge what I charge:
why is boudoir photography expensive

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I decided to simplify things:

One Session Package serviced by me with EYE makeup application and files, Starlet by Linda

All packages include a number of edited files, delivered via FTP and you can upgrade to a printed album for $150 for an 8x8 regular binding or $250 for a premium flat binding book.

No extra surprise charges 🙂 The session and the edited files that come with each package are yours. Let us know if you prefer single prints or artwork we can refer you to awesome places. Additional files are available to purchase after the session, in case you fall in love with more!

Session with Linda

Includes 2 outfits changes, 45-minute shoot, 12 edited files.

Session with Marlen

Includes 3 outfits changes, full makeup application, 60-minute shoot, 25 edited files.

Add ons

Pinned waves - victoria secret
type or Simple pinup hair

ADD 2 OUTFITS additional
30-minute time

Booking questions:

For the FAQ's about the session, please click here.

Why are you only offering one package for you?

I ain't no spring chicken anymore, and with a full-time job I am having a hard time to balance my schedule. So by allowing Linda to join me, I can still offer an affordable boudoir experience while maintaining my high standards of service and privacy.

Do you have specials or do marathons?

Best way to find out about any specials is on my facebook page  and we are not running marathons anymore. BUT if you get 3 or more friends (4 including you) get a Group Boudoir! Either at a hotel or my place

I am very interested in the Starlet (300) but I want Marlen to do it?

Feels nice to be needed. I don't offer the Starlet anymore. My only session package is $500 - but it includes me for 1 hour, eye makeup application, and the edited files. I am just streamlining my workflow and making sure I spend the same time with everybody. Books are ordered separate and almost at cost - just making sure we are covering shipping and setup time.

Who is Linda? 

She is a  professional photographer who I have the pleasure to work with since 2012. Started as my co-op student while studying Photography at the University of Humber. Since then we have worked together doing weddings, event coverage and portrait. Lately, we are focusing more on the boudoir/glamour part of photography and by them joining, we can offer more appointments.

Where do the shoots take place?

Mine I do them at my place near the beaches, or at a downtown location of your choice with no travel fee.  Linda can shoot at my place as well or on location, anywhere within TTC.

Is makeup included in all packages?

No, only for my session and I have streamlined my makeup so I don't have all colours of foundation. But I can help apply your makeup and apply fake eyelashes.

Linda has makeup contacts if you prefer to have a professional makeup artist (additional charge).

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