Boudoir photography for couples

I was checking my google analytics of my page, because of course, I am a nerd and like to see how many people read my crap- anyway, I saw that one of the main hits was boudoir photography for couples.

All the same packages are applicable to couples, but I get requests for quotes for sessions where the couple gets to keep the images and want absolute privacy and want to do whatever they want. Just in case they run for prime minister one day.

So in a genius burst I am creating the ultimate intimate package – sorry I kind of got carried away- that includes me, as the photographer for one or two hours- no rush, also me retouching makeup, 4 gig card and you keep all the images, and you do whatever you want as long I don’t get splashed.

You will have the option to send me images that you like for retouching- but they are all yours, photographer released and everything. Like if you decide to build your own sexy website or something.

Some conditions will be applied to keep it kosher. So there I won’t have to custom quote anymore for couples or intimate portraits.

PSST if you need extra spicy erotic photography go to it’s me, but that site is not as PG -ha

Tips for your Boudoir Photography for Couples