Boudoir photographer in front of the camera

so, there comes a time every now and then, that my self-timer is not enough, and the stars align perfectly for me to be the photographed instead of the photographer. Usually once a year. And usually because of networking. Fancy that. Twitter and Model Mayhem do work.

I pretend that I actually listen to my own advice. Keeps me grounded too. Staring into a lens and bringing the sexy out is kinda hard, and sometimes the results are pretty lame.
But once in a while, oh la-la, the angle just works, the light hits the right spot and the editing gets rid of the two zits on my forehead and the multiple sun spots and ta-da!

I almost look famous 

I like that one of my eyebrows is kinda messy ( like normal).  And I am debating the possibility of me going around with my mouth like that, not closing it e-v-e-r.

Interesting effect about having a great picture- makes you feel good… and a lot of my facebook friends liked it, keeping it for a while, want to send it to a couple of ex-boyfriends… ha

in colour! 

I do have the liquid eyeliner down to a science I think.