Boudoir Lingo – and (some) summer boudoir round up

Or an alternative title for this post could be:  “Things I can say without sounding like a perv”. Or “things that are so funny when they happen and they are just alright when I remember to write them.”

Here is my Top ten list of what only a boudoir photographer is allowed to say:

  • 10. Bring your shoulders back (same as stand up straight)
  • 9. Push the boobs and the butt out.
  • 8. Don’t breathe!
  • 7. Open your mouth – like you are inhaling 
  • 6. now stick a finger in (the mouth of course)
  • 5. Make kissy lips
  • 4. hold your boobs higher
  • 3. And make a face like you are enjoying holding your boobs 
  • 2. Pull the underwear like you are taking it off…

And the number one phrase  of what only a boudoir photographer is allowed to say without sounding like a perv is:

  • 1. take it off!

Oh and these are the ones I can remember, there have been some you had to be there and others that I would never thought I would say to another woman like “you have really cute nipples” or “no wonder I missed photoshopping that pimple, I wasn’t looking at the crevice area”. All true stories.

Some samples below! I wish I could post more dang it! I have some great shots, that sadly would showcase my ladies’ faces (yeah, that sounds weird) but at the same time these are real women, getting married, celebrating anniversaries or celebrating themselves, their face does not need to be on the internet.

This sample, I loved the vest. And she was wearing sexy librarian glasses. Animal print underwear and librarian glasses, fierce!

I love getting the images of people cracking up. Makes me think I am hilarious instead of accidentally funny.

 and then lipstick and curves

And sometimes all the accessories you need are red lips and shoes. There was no lingerie needed for some of these shots.