Maternity Boudoir

I was debating how to tittle this one: "naked belly", "nude bump", "bumpy boudoir"... anyway simple is sometimes better! I was really glad to book this session, not only because…

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New Year Resolutions

I've been busy, not with photography as I would love to be, but with the back end of my main method of spreading the word of marvelous me, my website.…

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Happy Holidays!

You know, I was really going to do a self portrait, I have a dress I've been saving and I was going to be all corny, but I had noooo…

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Holiday cheer

yeah, yeah, can you tell I am a fan of the holidays? Only because I am busy with the holiday orders and time is flying! like what the f! It's…

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Tasty :)

So last weekend I didn't do ANY Boudoir. I did make-up portfolio shots for a friend. 4 Models in my boudoir and shooting from 10 to 4, I was pooped.…

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Glossy lips

Yeah I've been MIA, but have no fear! despite being sleep deprived and edgy I will post! Here is another client at my place. Preserving her secret identity.I find interesting…

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Lace and lipstick

So sometimes, I have images that I take all ready nice and cropped. Keeping the privacy for my client and showing a nipple. I rule!

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Ta da!

I've been thinking... since I shot my self in the foot by not posting faces of my clients, and there is so much you can do cropping pictures and still…

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