Because Valentine’s is a good excuse to get naked…

…pictures or just implied naked pictures. You go as naked as you feel comfortable.

I am harping now on the Hallmark holiday, which I am not the biggest fan of, but in the other hand for people on the fence about doing this, this date is the perfect excuse to get some sexy pictures done.
Just remember how the internet is saturated with naked stuff, so why not give your significant other his own private stash?

A quick tip to find photos for inspiration:

Pinterest is great for the pretty stuff, but if you want to see what the guys are really looking at, just take a looksie here – nsfw! :  – password: boudoir

Not my work, but stuff I keep for ideas with some comments.

Get a Tumblr for yourself and keep it secret. They are so much fun.
And I leave you with an inspiration quote here:

This is the card my other half is getting:
classy! and true! ha ha