Back to Boudoir

Hi web world, I am back in business. Thanks everybody for your patience while I gave birth and recuperated from my vagina trauma, I am back!

Lily Marlen was born January 30th at 9:29pm. After the water broke around 6 pm. Not bad. And to continue with the bragging she is the dream baby, sleeps a lot, and no colic at all, not like her brother that cried all day when he was a newborn. She still parties from 2 to 4 am – the same time she used to kick me awake, now she wakes and stretches and won’t go back to sleep till she is done.

Anyway now I am back full time, still shooting mostly weekends but now available for those who have different schedules or want to play hooky from a day at work during the week.

I started my end of maternity leave with a wide range  a sexy couples shoot, a maternity session, and a boudoir one of course. I really appreciate the clients that booked a while ago and where waiting for me to feel “normal” – as normal as I get anyway.

In my delusion that I was going to have all this free time to edit and write awesome blog posts and a book with a baby, I appreciate the patience waiting on me to edit, and I think we have a better deal now, and I am learning to edit with one hand. ha

I will have time eventually to update my gallery and write a whole bunch of posts I am cooking, but in the meantime here is the boudoir gallery screen shot of the women (and couple) that I had the pleasure meeting when I was about to burst and while I get the hang of stuff again.