Baby Boom – Maternity Boudoir

Is it just me or there is something in the water? Earlier this year I had more than a handful of clients come get their boudoir done with “now before I show” and “while boobs are great”, even returning boudoir clients getting their maternity boudoir shots…
Well, here I am joining the baby boom.

 To find a creative way to announce it, I’ve been on pinterest, instagram and even google, since you know, I have some creative license here, but all I found was family shots holding a chalkboard, or the holding the tray of “bun”, cute stuff really but not really my style.
And since is a family shot, I need my clothes on.
So instead of going crazy trying to come up with something witty and original, I went back to basics. I like batman, I like comic books, I will bring to this world another batman fan if I have anything to say about it so here it is…

See? totally nerding it out. I still giggle at Nacho being the baby stunt double. I was also this close into convincing Lindsey to wear something black, but no luck. I was pushing it on a Sunday afternoon.
Anyway the timing could not be better either, I will be still doing boudoir for x-mas and maybe some Valentines till the second week of January- if this baby is not early and then taking a break until spring. 

It’s usually quiet around those times anyway.

And here are some samples of some of the maternity shots I have been doing.

For information on maternity sessions click here.

I miss beer