Boudoir photography posing tips- hands edition

How dare I go this long without posting! Bad MJ.
argh soo busy- I am actually interviewing my first ever intern. I have resisted but I think is time. I get random calls now and then about being my assistant (so many guys want to volunteer – even pay me) but rarely a woman and a woman photography student, yay.

Here is something we all have in common, unless we watch americas next top model religiously, when posing, we just do not know what to do with our hands.

Yes they are part of the images and might as well use them as part of the composition.

My solution: (for almost every pose) Touch yourself.

Play with the hair, rub the tight, grab the edge of the underwear, fix the floppy thingies from the garter,  hold a strap, show me your engagement ring. And try to do it slower than usual.

and if everything else fails, just lay there and let me do the work: