My Story.

Graduated from Graphic and Editorial Design in 1999 (!). In 2000, I worked at Glamour Shots in the mall and was the funnest job ever. Makeup, digital camera and cheesy outfits.  In 2006 decided to “bring sexy back” ( I know:  lame, but so 2009) and starting offering the step above Glamour Photography with the Boudoir. What set me apart from others was that I was one stop shop for makeup, photos and retouching with complete privacy and with my super power to make people comfortable.

Now I still do some boudoir but mostly virtual, I have been focusing more on online support for SW’s, content creation and websites.

My day job is now remote as well so I spend a lot of time in front of my computer looking at Html code. I dig it. 

I always liked naked

Some of my artwork circa 1999