5 Traveling tips from a photographer

I am trying really hard to make “snowbirding” happen. Yeah like a verb.

My dream is to work winters in Mexico (after Valentine’s day so I can finish those orders) 
And stay until is warm in Toronto (maybe May). But with kids and their school and all that stuff I can’t, this is the longest I have been away before my youngest starts kindergarten and I did not organize it very well. I need to share some tips I learned along the way.
I was gung-ho about staying for free at my mom’s place, being in the warmth and eating tacos. Lot’s of tacos.
Realization number 1
We brought too much stuff. By we I mean my daughter and husband. I am almost done creating a capsule wardrobe since I wear black all the time I do not worry about looking like I am wearing the same thing. I am, and pfft, I really do not care. In the other hand, my rainbow inspired daughter and husband have all the colours to mix and match and specific things that go with specific things.
Next time we are keeping it to 3 casual outfits, one warmer outfit to travel from the cold to here and in case it gets chilly, 3 summer outfits and one formal one, that is it! #blackoutfitsallmatch #greyisacolour #makeupdoesnotcount
Realization number 2
If you are staying with family, have a backup plan. Learned it the hard way. Thanks to Airbnb and Trivago (last minute hotel). #familytelenovela #pricklypears #iambeingnice
Realization number 3
Camera gear is heavy AF. I normally shoot with a Nikon d800 (team Nikon!) but for a lighter version, I travel with my backup Nikon D7000, 250 grams lighter. UGH. So with my intention of grabbing a lot of photos for stock and backgrounds I have to lug what feels like 20 kilos of gear. And then I end of taking lots of photos with my phone, just because I am too lazy to carry the 20 kilos. So I end up using my camera for exactly 2 days out of the 45-day trip.  I need  this compact camera. I will try to be good so I can get it for xmas, pfft, not likely. #LGvsNikon  #VantagePoint
Photo with a cell phone, improved with a filter. We had to take a photo of the muffin tree. Good thing it’s a short tree.
Taken with Nikon D700, fast enough and sharp enough
Realization number 4
The internet, you need it. Unlock your phone before you leave the country! Then buy a sim card for your stay and get a pay as you go package. 
#wifisavessanity #shades #selfies #becausethatismyangle
Realization number 5
Google maps IS your best friend. Cities like Guadalajara are not in a grid. More like a puzzle piece. And even if you do not have a data plan, map the location you are going to, and do not close the app, your location services on your phone will let you know exactly where you are at all times, even if the map doesn’t update, your location will with the blue dot. #googlemap #savesrelationships #iwasright #noneedtoaskfordirections #lostgringo #googleknowswhereyoupee
And lastly, calories during vacation do not count, especially when you are walking around and getting lost. #allthetacos
This is what I mean for stock photo, I usually shoot people, so it is a nice change to shoot pretty blooms.  #realphotos