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Virtual shoot over your phone

🤔What do you need?

☑️ Phone or iPad
☑️ Internet
☑️ Phone Stand/Tripod, or a stool, or a stack of books
☑️ A quiet corner with light, bed, couch whatevs

😘What do you get?

☑️ During a 45 minuted session, I will guide you on your location to find the best spot.
☑️ Posing direction.
☑️ 10 edited photos

👍Good for

☑️ Boudoir, Glamour, even BRANDING shoot
☑️ Couples
☑️ Dressing up! 

☑️ A couple of laughs


HOW IT WORKS  We will set up a zoom meeting, skype,  google hang out or facetime, whatever you are most comfortable with. We’ll do a little tour of your place to find the best light and decide where to shoot, usually the bedroom works.  I will tell you where to put the phone and boss you around on how to pose and I will be shooting what I see over here.  No button pushing needed. (skype and zoom seem the higher quality video so far)

WHAT TO WEAR  Have one or two outfits ready, no need to go crazy as its only 10 files. Start with a dress and take it off, get a strip thing going on. OR do a sexy quarantine session, with the sweats you usually wear and naughty lingery under, OR NOTHING.

WHAT ABOUT HAIR AND MAKEUP  Bedhead is good. Blowdry your hair the day before maybe ad a wave. Make up – mascara for sure! perks up the eye,  under eyes foundation to even tone and lipstick, to add a pop of colour is what its basically needed but you do you boo. Lipgloss looks nice on photos.

MY PLACE ISN’T PINTEREST FRIENDLY  It doesn’t matter! just hide crap. We need window light or lamp light for a more mood like atmosphere. I have shot in places with a mattress on the floor and clutter, so don’t cha worry, we will find a spot.

WILL I RECEIVE HIGH RES FILES and LIKE THE ONES YOU NORMALLY DO?   Nope, this is more like a fun, getting out of your sweats, excuse to do your toe nails and shave kinda thing. Maybe tease a long distance relationship OR do a couples session maybe? Why not? You will receive 10 files that look like a polaroid like the samples.  They can be printed on a normal 4×6 and then cut! ADD a hand written message to the polaroid bottom using the notes up on your phone and I will edit it in 🙂

Appointments will only be considered valid with  full Credit card payment  via EMT at or payment page.


    • Choose a date with the handy Calendly and send payment or shoot me an email to confirm a time.
    • Shooting Nooners 11-1 pm where I can take a break from the day, or evenings, if you prefer it to be nice and quiet where you are. Evenings available Friday and Saturday. Special requests for after-hours available (when the kids are REALLY asleep)
    • Button to takes you to the payment page EMT is

Appointments will only be considered valid with  full Credit card payment  via EMT at or payment page.  


Support Call


$ 40

  • 20-minute call

  • Set Up help & Tips

Virtual Session


$ 70

  • 40 minute session

  • 10 digital polaroids or files

Virtual Couples


$ 170

  • 60 minute session

  • 20 digital polaroids or files


Ashbridges Bay

$ 150

  • 30 minute sunset session

  • 10 digital files

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Outdoor photoshoots in The Beaches, Toronto

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