Marlen James

Baby and Family Photography

 Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, this glamour shot photographer had a baby. So she decided to start a baby photography gig. It went really well, connecting with the baby mafia, aka all the baby-related products and services. But then glamour shot photographer got restless, everything was fluffy, and squeaky, oh-so-cute! and fake sneezes. She needed grown-up humour. The rubber ducky squeak was making her eye twitch (true story). So she left that all behind and started the boudoir stuff. But the funny thing is that it never really got left behind. Clients were like: oh, now I am having a baby, can you do my family pictures? Sure! why not? 

And ta-da! I love seeing the kids grow up. And I love that we exist in photos for our children. Not just taking a ton of just the kids. #beinthepicture

For awesome tips on what to wear, with a post that went viral on pinterest.  <insert not so humble brag here>

Location outside the beaches
Boundaries: Coxwell to Neville park

Makeup Express
On location makeup application and half lashes
(do your foundation and mascara)

How to book!

I updated the calendar thingy to be separate from the other sessions.

> Winter sessions, it is brr outside>> SUNDAYS 10AM and 11 AM available at my place - Enough room for up to 6 people, it is cozy but the light is awesome, see samples below

Saturdays I am available on location at the beach or woodbine park, or anywhere in the beaches area really.

If we need to reschedule for weather that is no problem! Or we can use my space. The large window provides a lovely light. And we can create cozy portraits like the samples below.

Early mornings on the weekend are great because there are hardly any people except those runners.

This thing requires a credit card for the deposit but if you have any questions or if you prefer to do other payment, as long as the appointment shows it is available feel free to email me directly.

Returning clients get $100 off normal booking 🙂 

My place setup for families

home studio beaches toronto



Available SUNDAYS 10 AM and 11 AM and  FRIDAYS 11 am and 12 pm. Email to confirm your preferred date.

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