How to book your appointment:

1. Choose the package  that fits your needs  usually 2-3 weeks, but I may be able to do some appointments on the same week. Check the up to date calendar.

2. After we confirm that the date is available, a deposit of $100 will be required to book your appointment with the booking calendar or
I accept your payment through paypal here or an interact email transfer.

3. If you can save samples of the look you are looking for, it helps when you have at least 5 must have photos of the pose you like. If you can create a pinterest board and share it with me great! We are looking for the pose, not the background.

Privacy Policy

I will not post any of the photos that are for your use, and I edit them in a way that the face won't be recognizable. Or inventive cropping. I only request you tell your friends I did them 🙂 

I only keep images for a year, and if you request it they are deleted as soon as you download it.

Edits include deleting tattoos and recognizable scars. Skin smoothing a la carte: boudoir ( no stretch marks or bruises ) or barbie (no pores).



* 45 min. session – 1 outfit plus nude (no makeup)
* 10 fully edited images with playboy style retouching – smooth skin, tucking, cropping, and distortion for privacy if needed. Removal of tattoos and scars.
* Confidentiality agreement and photographer release.


* 2 hr session – 3 outfits plus nude
* Full glam Makeup
* 50 high-quality web size images colour processed (could be used)
* High-end retouching for 20 images (skin, scars, tattoos, sculpting)
* Confidentiality agreement and photographer release.

Booking questions:

For the FAQ's about the session, please click here.

Where do the shoots take place?

Mine I do them at my place, or at a downtown location of your choice with no travel fee. I heard that if you book hotels on a Sunday you can get a discount. Try to book an early time to get some natural shots in there. Or if you stay the night before, book me in the Sunday morning light.

Is makeup included?

Yes, except on the mini. Since we hide the face on most of the photos, I like to do a smooth makeup application with a defined lip and lipgloss, and a row of fake eyelashes and that is it. The fake eyelashes give more drama and hide the eyes when looking down. If you can come with foundation and lips done for the mini that would be great!

For the packages, how big are the files I receive?

About 3000px wide, so great for web use and printing a good size 5x7. Those are processed to be colour corrected and pretty much look great so if you go with this package you will have tons to use. The ones that you select for further retouching will have a "playboy" style of retouching.

What is playboy style retouching?

I will delete  tattoos or visible scars, bruises and mosquito bites 🙂 I also do a bit of body sculpting, still looks like you but after you've gone to the gym a month. Skin; you have the choice of natural smoothing or more like barbie (pretty common in the industry or great for ads). I also look out for the sculpting to look natural, like you wear corsets all the time, and look out for arms and neck.

Do you have a special set?

No, it is the same I use for Boudoir photography - a black wall - a white one and a bed. If you would like to book a hotel that is great too, just make sure it is downtown so there is no travel fee. Best day to book me for on location photography are Sundays

Do you work with agencies?

Yes, I am able to offer a special rate for agencies, minimum booking is 3 girls (not at the same time). My location only and a lot of weekdays appointments available.

Do you shoot with erotic toys?

Yes, you bring your toys and accessories  and we can do any sort of shots. My only limit for kinky shoots is body waste. 

My other site that has more info on erotic photography is

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