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Email is my preferred method of communication - so I can keep track of stuff 🙂 Please use the form or email me at

With the COVID thing, I am currently not taking appointments until the goverment says its ok to start taking them again 🙁 be safe. Email me if you want to hold a date for Late May or June by the looks of this thing.

For Marlen's Boudoir shoots:
Some Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:00 pm my place only, please let me know in advance
Saturday:  11 am 1 pm 3pm* 5pm*
Sunday:  11 am and 1 pm ( available for on-location shoots, family and couples )
* available  as needed basis
Other times available upon request. We just like doing everything early with nice natural light. Keep in mind appointments take about 1.5 to 2 hours, 4 if travel is required.

For Linda: Please email with your desired dates and if you prefer your place, the hotel you stayed the night before, a friend's nice living room?

Appointments will only be considered valid with Credit card payment of $100 retainer via EMT or payment page. If you need to use other payment methods please contact me and we can arrange something. I know sometimes we have to be sneaky. All payments show as Mj Photo


Dear SEO people. I do not need your services. Nor the "google people", or the website design people.  Doing alright 🙂

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