7 things about me

1. I read comic books and lots' of romance novels, and I try to read a real book every now and then.
2. My first name is Jamie and my middle name is Marlen, Jamie didn't sound sexy enough, so I switched them.
3. I am a mom to a cool 14-year-old(!) boy from my first marriage. Named Ander, a boy's name as far as I am concerned. And since January 2013 baby Lily Marlen; named after a cool aunt from the dad's side and! the way my name was supposed to be. Always wanted to change the Jamie for Lily. There is an old song around with that name.
4. I have a Chandler syndrome where I make a weird face when I have a camera pointed at me. People have to catch me off guard to have a decent one. Or take a gazillion and have 3. screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-11-14-51-am

5. I spend more than 14 hours a day in front of a computer- for work (graphic design) and fun.
6. I live with  2 step-dogs. The survivor Buffy the vampire slayer is still around. Mumm-Ra the immortal aka Bicep lived to be 19. Wonky eye and all.
7. I have a syndrome called "cant-close-anything-properly" which drives my boyfriend fiance(!)  common law husband batty. 

Oh yeah, and I like love taking pictures. Keeps me sane really.


Where we shoot:

So after Lily was born, I moved my gig to my friend's apartment down the hall from me. She lives alone and she let me change her place up and use it for my shoots. Love her. She is one of Lily's favourite aunties.

Or lately I do marathons once every two months at a loft near Carlaw and Queen.



For reals:

Graduated from Graphic and Editorial Design in 1999 (!)  In 2000, I worked at Glamour Shots in the mall and was the funnest job ever. Makeup, digital camera worth 10,000 and cheesy outfits. That ended in 2002 and while in maternity leave started shooting more babies and families and slowly moved towards weddings as a second shooter.  At the same time, I started a day job in my field but kept gravitating towards photography. In 2006, I  started offering the step above Glamour Photography with the Boudoir. What set me apart from others was that I was one stop shop for makeup, photos, and retouching with complete privacy and with my superpower to make people comfortable.

I do this part-time on the weekends, in yoga pants in the winter and shorts in the summer and I like keeping it personal and small. Love the interesting people I meet.

The team

Both Linda and Melissa became my associates after they started as my minions, aka co-op students from their photography program in 2012.

Linda, has great posing and directing skills and specializes in boudoir, glamour, portraits and video and showcases her work at https://silentmuse.dphoto.com

Melissa has a sweet personality and a great eye for beauty. She specializes in boudoir, family portraits and lately music photography http://www.melissaaquinophoto.com/

And Heather is our host 🙂 We use her space that has gorgeous light.

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