I am Marlen and I am the main photographer here, a makeup artist and master "photoshoper" that specializes in boudoir, portraits and event photography. The Boudoir is my "thang" (is it still cool to say thang?) I just find it entertaining and fun. I even blog about it.

Now with associate photographers Linda and Melissa, we are able to offer portrait services on location across the GTA including family photography, glamour and weddings.

Boudoir and portrait home based studio located near The beaches in Toronto.

Marlen James

Photographer since 2001 (gah!)

Specialities: Boudoir, Glamour, Weddings & Portraits
Superpower: Make people comfortable enough to get naked.
First photography job: Cheesy Glamour shots.
Likes: Makeup, Batman, Reading dirty books
Dislikes: People blocking the subway doors and what both Melissa and Linda said



Melissa Aquino

Photographer since 2012

Specialities: Portraits, Families/Babies, Boudoir/Pin-Up
Superpower: Capturing moments
First photography job: Minion to MJ.
Likes: Cats & Tattoos
Dislikes: Spiders & winter


Linda Arki

Photographer since 2012

Specialities: Pin-Up, Boudoir, Portraits, Weddings, Cinematic Videography
Superpower: being able to comfortably showcase natural rawness within a person's portrait
First photography job: Minion to MJ
Likes: the Vintage style, hipster music, and pocket watches
Dislikes: Intentionally slow walkers, chewing loudly, and knuckle crackers