Do you have a portrait that you love?

Could be just a selfie or a photo with your kids.

That one, the one where you are happy and relaxed and you had a great hair day and the light was just right. That is our goal,  to capture you at your most comfortable.  With us you have several choices, from lifestyle family portraits, where we sneak a headshot in, a full glamour or professional session, a fun pin-up session, to the sultry boudoir session.  So go ahead... because we have to be in the photo. 

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Photography Services





Family Portraits


I am Marlen and I am the main photographer here, a makeup artist and master "photoshoper" that specializes in boudoir, portraits, and small weddings. The Boudoir is my "thang" (is it still cool to say thang?) I just find it entertaining and fun. I even blog about it. The family photography came as a natural extension of clients having babies and trusting me to make sure they look good 🙂 

Now with associate photographers Linda and Melissa, we are able to offer portrait services on location across the GTA including family photography, glamour, and weddings.

Boudoir and portrait home-based studio located near The Beaches in Toronto.